id God: Quick Ideas about God. How to know God? What Creation tell us about God? What Revelation tell us about God?
Deus(por) Dio Dieu Dios
1. How to know God? There are three main ways: observe the creation, learn what He has revealed himself, and to pray.

2. What Creation tell us about God? Watching the creatures, we can draw several conclusions about the Creator:

  • God is very wise and powerful to create a universe so gorgeous (big bang: evolution).
  • The Creator has the highest degree of perfection we see in creatures, without any mixture of defects or limitations. For example, God is Good and Fair, and not mortal.
  • God is spiritual, as material beings can break.
  • God is eternal, the Creator has to exist forever, because if not, then, who created Him?
3. What Revelation tell us about God? Studying the teachings of Jesus Christ is a good and accurate way to know God. So you can learn, among other things:
  • God rewards the good men (Heaven) and punishes the bad guys (hell).
  • In God there are three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God loves us so much: the Son of God became man and died on the Cross to save us.
4. What do we learn about God in prayer? Prayer is a simple and deep way, to know the Lord. Get us into the divine friendship and intimacy. There we understand his plans and desires. What he dislikes and likes of our particular and men behavior in general. Also in the prayer we ask God for help, and this divine assistance is very effective way to approach Him.

5. A good way to know God: strive to live a holy life. This desire to fulfill God's will strengthens and increases the love for the Lord, and love finds a thousand things about the beloved. Furthermore, God manifests himself more closely to those who love him.