id Abortion: Quick ideas about abortion. Attempt of clarification. Possible Options. Is abortion a good thing? Abortion in law and in the Bible. Abortion and woman.
aborto(por) aborto(it) avortement aborto(esp)
  • A. Difficulties and solutions on abortion.
  • B. The State and the Church on abortion.
  • C. Abortion and the woman.

1. What is abortion? It is the voluntary suppression of a human life in the journey that goes from conception to birth. (Do not talk about miscarriages).

2. When its take place de conception? Today it is accurate that the conception is the moment when the sperm joins the egg. Then begins the development of a new human being. This is usually not doubted. Human life, as the animal begins at this time. The actions that prevent this union are not abortive but contraception, and are not discussed here.

3. Is indifferent to the day when abortion is performed? During those nine months there is a human life whose development is allowed or is truncated (see embryo). Abortion later increases the severity given a greater awareness of the fact.

4. A clear idea: A mother in a normal situation doesnīt abort, not even desire. Doing so would be insane, because insanity is that a mother kills her child.

5. The problem arises in extraordinary situations.- For example, is it right to abort in case of pregnancy during courtship? Not to be done, but the issue is not as clear as they face two welfares: the welfare of human life and the walfare of a mother who for some reason do not want her child alive.

6. The death of the son, its good for the mother? Obviously this is not true. But the mother sees that the pregnancy will cause problems (What will they say?, What about your father?, And the expenses?...). And she feels weak to face it.

7. Possible options.- According to the view several actions are proposed: Who see the good of the child considered that his life is the choice. Those who see the welfare of the mother, think that the main issue its avoid her discomfort. There is a third option: to seek the welfare of both.

8. How to seek for the welfare of both? For the child, the only possible good is to let him live. When looking for the good of the mother should remember a few basic ideas:

  • Let the child live is good for the mother, otherwise this would weigh on her conscience for many years.
  • The mother must overcome some difficulties. (Like all mothers). For example, normally have to report the matter to her own parents.
  • The mother will need support to continue the pregnancy. In this sense, those who insist on getting rid of the child will cause great pain and anguish. Is her son.
9. Solutions.- It is then to find solutions to the child's life to avoid inconvenience to the mother. For example, discreetly hidden at home of trusted people for a few months and meanwhile look for a family or institution that adopts it. This example is not the only solution. There are several ways that protect the two goods: the child's life and less discomfort for the mother.


1. The Laws of the country should allow de abortion? Laws should hinder evil and promote the welfare of the citizens. In this case, defending the right of two citizens: son and mother. Therefore, the law should discourage mothers from abortion and to provide solutions to give birth. Preventive measures can also be added.

2. A example of a preventive measure?: Spreading the mentality in the society to only have sex within marriage. In this sense it will make good to limit pornography, because its clear the contribution of this to the indiscriminate use of sex.

3. Promote contraception prevents abortion? No, no. The sad experience in many countries confirms that the opposite happens. Contraceptive methods extend the use of sex beyond measure. Consequently, the number of unwanted pregnancies increases.

4. Will legalization reduce the number of abortions? It has been abundantly proved that if abortion is legalized, the number increases many times. It is logical that this happens because there are people who are guided only by civil law.

5. Why the Church establishes the excommunication for those who aborted and their collaborators? So Christian mothers are more clear what to do, getting the strength to decide correctly. It protects the child's life and the motherīs soul to be in peace.

6. Does the Bible prohibit abortion? You can recognize the seriousness of abortion without support in the Bible. But it is interesting to note the visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth (Lk 1, 39-44). There we can observe:

  • Saint John the Baptist, three months before birth announces the presence of the Messiah (Lk 1, 41).
  • Mary is called "mother of my Lord" (Lk 1, 43) when it only have a few days of pregnancy, -the four or five days it took to get to Elizabeth going "fast" (Lk 1, 39) -. At that moment she has God in her womb and is already the mother of God.
  • Jesus himself is recognized as the Messiah and announced within five days of Mary pregnancy.
In summary, St. John the Baptist, a the six months of pregnancy of her mother is the prophet who announces the Messiah, the Savior himself, and it is when only have a few days in the womb of Mary. Thus the Bible agrees with science showing that human life begins at the instant of conception. And abortion is included in the commandment "You shall not kill".

(We present below some ideas that Rebecca sends us from Mexico).

1. Side effects of abortion? With more or less influence, abortion always leave sequelae on the woman who kills her child:

  • In the psychological aspect, woman suffer remorse and guilt, mood swings, depression, crying without reason, states of fear and nightmares.
  • Physical damage: probable sterility, alterations in heart rate and blood pressure, migraines, digestive disorders, bleeding, cramps in the stomach and later spontaneous abortions.
2. If the child is unwanted? Ideally, every child conceived is wanted, but sometimes a mother may feel sick at the prospect of a child. In these cases, abortion is not appropriate:
  • After the abortion, the mother would feel worse.
  • Unwanted children often come to be wanted and loved.
  • When a child gives headaches to a mother (eg, a drug addict), the solution is never to kill him. Always look for other solutions.
3. After a rape? This is probably the hardest case, where the child may be less desirable. With abortion, the mother would get rid of the feeling of helplessness before the attack. But abortion is not so convenient:
  • The mother bear another painful feeling when she get realize that killed his child.
  • The result of abortion would be unfair: the rapist is put in jail, the baby is given death and because the mother became a killer of his son. Not a good system: just punish the rapist, not the baby or his mother. (see: Victoria Gillick).
4. Is the child of the mother's body? The child is in the mother but is not the mother.
  • When born, the mother does not lose any organs.
  • The embryo has a individual genetic code that makes it unique.
The womb is the baby home, which is protected by the one who loves him.

5. Why like abortion? Nobody likes abortion. Only is chosen because it eliminates a problem fast. Of course, abortion is fast and radical. But killing a child is so awful that would be unthinkable. Any other action but this.

6. An Example of other methods unthinkable? Among several possible, we quote some pretty graphics ones, where problems are solved but it is a disgusting way:

  • Sometimes killing an elderly woman and inherit will solve economic problems quickly, but not planteable.
  • Maybe kil a Mother-in-law resolve a family difficulties quickly, but it is unthinkable.
  • Cut the tongue of a child quickly solve problems of verbal insults, but not planteable.
7. What to do? A Good thing to do is help the mother and child. Search methods, solutions, systems that help them.