id Addictions: quick ideas on addictions. What are addictions. Examples. How come?, How to overcome an addiction?
dependências(por) dipendenze addictions(fr) adicciones(esp)

1. What are addictions? It's called addiction, a set of circumstances or situation in which humans feel compelled to act in a way that hurts himself. Comments:

  • In reality, the man retains his freedom and is never required completely to do something. However there are cases when it seems otherwise, and it is said that man is bound.
  • If the behavior is less obligatory, we don´t talk about addiction but of vice, evil inclination, and so on.
  • f it does good to himself, it doesn´t call addiction, but is called good habit, qualities, etc.
2. Why only when there is addiction is the habit bad? There is talk of addiction when there is bad habits and doesn´t when they are good because we understand that addiction is something that man does not want, and obviously we want to do good and not evil. The good qualities and habits are not something to be rejected, but characteristics that helps with doing good as we want.

3. Examples of addictions? According to the object that enslaves man, there are several types of addiction.

  • Drugs (marijuana, cocaine...) do much damage. From Drugs comes addiction in its original sense, which has spread to anything that enslaves man.
  • Food. Desire to eat or drink excessively, obsessive impulse to eat such food and no such other.
  • Sex in its several variants slaves humans.
  • There may also be excessive care for the body, the figure itself, the appearance la propia figura, la apariencia.
  • Objects: accumulation of technology, shoes, clothes, shampoos ... There are many objects that catch the man.
  • Fun.- Play and play and play. Nightclub and disco. Binge Drinking and partying. Chaining to the game is another of the enslavement that was first taken the name of addiction.
  • Ego.- I like, I think I prefer, I believe ... Selfishness is sometimes an addiction quite strong and difficult to recognize.

4. How addictions originate? An addiction becomes an instinctive thing, a bad trend that the man is not able to control. The usual ways of addictions arise are:

  • The repetition of evil acts.- Originate a bad habit that is accentuated if it becomes vicious and enslaving. In contrast, the repetition of good acts originate virtues and qualities that make doing good, not evil. These are not addictions, because they require actions that are harmful to humans. Only we talk of addictions when there is vices. Must be free from vices.
  • The repeated acceptance of bad feelings.- If one accepts frequent thoughts of hatred, hatred is anchored in the heart. So it is with fillings of bitterness, pessimism, even affection to the wrong person.

5. How to get rid of an addiction? There are addictions and obsessions that require medical treatment and should consult the doctor concerned. Besides this, there are several ways to get rid of addictions:

  • Mortification, sacrifice.- The exercise to master your own tastes help to master to the slave desires.
  • The repetition of good acts.- It is the source of good qualities and practices that oppose to those you want to suppress. (It is also clear to avoid wrongdoing not to reinforce the habit).
  • The pursuit of high ideals.- If you have big goals, it is easier to pay attention to the human heart and interest in achieving them, and so is easier to get rid of enslaving tendencies. Service to others is an example of good ideal.
  • The support of good people and God.- It is not good to stay alone. Progress is faster if you have the breath of others. (Also, avoid environments that facilitate the vice). And of course, help from heaven will do very well (prayer, sacraments...)