id Agnosticism: quick ideas about agnosticism. Can we know God?

1. What is Agnosticism? It a philosophical theory that argues that it is impossible to human intelligence to understand anything which cannot be learnt through our senses. It rejects the search for the truth outside the tangible world. It specifically rejects searching for God.

2. Does God exist for Agnostics? Agnosticism does not have an official view on the existence of God. It doesnít say that it exists or the opposite. Nevertheless, in practice, agnostics live as if God didnít exist.

3. Is Agnosticism merely a theory? At first glance agnosticism, me seem simply a theory, but the reality is that it has important practical consequences. In practice, it is atheism.

4. Is Agnosticism scientific? Positivist scienceís only admit those things that can be appreciated through our senses. Under this line of discussion, agnosticism does have scientific attributes. In reality, it is much wider than is measurable. For example, you decided to read this article, and no scientific apparatus can detect what you are thinking, however, your intelligence and you will do in fact exist, even though they cannot be seen. Similarly, hatred cannot be detected by any instruments, but it is so real and present that it can cause and indeed does cause wars. To reduce the reasonable to those that are measurable is a limitation of reason.

5. Can one know the existence of God? God is a spiritual being, and so agnostics are indeed right when they say that you canít see or touch him. However, Gods existence can be observed through the divine creation. Analysing the creation you can discover the creator, as when you look at the pyramids you can discuss the Egyptian population.

6. Examples?: Who has organised the sun, the moon, or gravity? Who has designed the finger with which you click the mouse? These things that are so well thought out make it impossible (truly impossible) for them to be chance or coincidence. If you find a pen in the middle of a planet, no one thinks that it has just appeared there on its own. The news would rush around the world that there are rational human beings in that planet. If you see a human being it is reasonable to accept the existence of the creator. We are not gods but rather creatures.

7. Can we know God? Agnostics are right in that human intelligence is limited and we will never be able to completely and fully understand God. Nevertheless, it is possible to know something in respect to God using different methods:

  • Using only the reason we can know that God does indeed exist, that there is only one God, that He is eternal, good, intelligent, creator of the world, etc. every perfection of the creatures derives from the Creator and can be found in its greatest splendour in Him.
  • To this we can add the fact that God has revealed specific things through the Teachings of Jesus Christ. And what the Lord shows us in each time of prayer.
  • Finally, in Heaven we will be given a special grace to know God more intimately.