id Christians: quick ideas about Christians. What should the life of a Christian be like? Special duties that a Christian has.
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1. Does a Christian have dignity? A Christian is a disciple of Christ, he who follows His footsteps and wants to imitate His life. Thanks to the grace, every Christian is united and identified with Christ who lives and acts inside each person. A Christian is he who desires to lead a life as a son of God.

2. What should the life of a Christian be like? Like that of any other human being, a Christian should direct his life according to the plans of the Creator. For example, he should be hard-working, pious and apostolic, as it has been explained in the topic on Human Beings. Additionally, a Christian has a duty to practice generosity and love of God.

3. A few examples of a Christians duties. A Christian should have good knowledge of Christs teachings and so dedicate the appropriate time to learn these. A Christian should receive the sacraments frequently and be generous in the time he dedicates to God. For example, the piety of a Christian should undoubtedly include the Holy Mass and the Holy Rosary as they are vivid examples of our faith in the Eucharist and our love for Our Lady.

4. Is it better to be a mere human rather than a Christian? A Christian has larger duties in his life which require a lot of effort. However, we also count with more help from God (grace) and so a Christian leads a life that is both more elevated and easier. It is only a harder life when we abandon the sacraments, prayer, etc.