id Cocaine: quick ideas about Cocaine. What is Cocaine? Direct and indirect effects of Cocaine.
cocaína(esp) cocaína(por) cocaïne
1. What is Cocaine? Cocaine is an alkaloid drug that is obtained from leaves of “Erythroxylum coca”. It is also known under the names of Coke, Flake, Snow, Dust, Pearl, etc. Crack and Freebase are both different forms of Cocaine. Cocaine that is sold on the streets is a mixture with other substances and around 10% to 50% of coke in it.

2. Effects of Cocaine.- The effects of cocaine depend highly on the mixture, the manner of consuming it and the response that the user has to the drug. Effects can be separated into two different groups:
Immediate effects of Cocaine:

  • Dilated pupils, stinging in the nose, dry throat: difficulty eating and a lot of thirst, loss of appetite and sleep. Feeling of euphoria, self-confidence, energy as it suppresses the feeling of fatigue and then collapse when passing the effects. Garrulous, speaking excessively in a trivial and rambling manner. Nerves in tension, desire to move. Loss of self-control. He jumps to argue and fight at the slightest motive. Anxiety. Only once is enough to have a strong desire to re-drug and repeat the memories of euphoria.
Secondary effects of Cocaine:
  • Physical effects: abundant. Heart and breathing problems. Problems in the intestine, muscles and nerves. As well as sexual disorder or loss of the sense of smell.
  • Psychological effects: Depression, insomnia, de-motivation, irritability, anxiety, panic, repetitive behaviour, hallucinations, paranoia, psychosis and dramatic changes in personality.
  • Social effects: cocaine produces trouble in family relations, job instability, loss of professional abilities, crimes, spread of the drug, isolation inside drug addiction groups. Street fights, car accidents and a lot of theft as it’s an expensive drug.
3. How do you stop consuming Cocaine? Cocaine decreases the persons Will and creates a huge psychological addiction that makes it extremely hard to stop consuming it. To achieve it you should firstly make sure that your time is kept busy as well as cut off from drug environments and finally look for help (see the topic on drugs). But the best option is to never start in the first place. Several of my friends recommend this last option; they argue that the best thing is to never start, and to avoid being tempted into starting it is advisable to avoid being in certain environments or with certain people.