id Constancy: quick ideas about Constancy. What is constancy? Is it actually necessary? Examples. How is it put into practice?
constancia constance

1. What is constancy? It is the ability to maintain a particular standard or put in a particular amount of effort during a prolonged period of time. It is closely linked to fortitude as it also consists in overcoming difficulties. However, it only refers to a particular type of obstacle: that duration of the effort.

2. Is constancy necessary? Constancy is a quality which is indispensable to reach any objective. Valuable ideals, for example, cannot be conquered with an isolated effort but are fruit of a toilsome struggle. It would be too easy if we only had to struggle for a few minutes. Anyone is capable of a costly boost if you get the results in one go. However, this is usually not enough. In fact, it is necessary to sustain the effort for a while: constancy.

3. What other benefits does constancy have? Constancy also helps to set objectives, improving someone’s hope and self-propelling. If you are aware of your own perseverance, hard objectives do not stop you trying to achieve them. You are aware that your constancy almost guarantees success. This makes you hopeful and desire to achieve bigger goals.

4. Some examples of constancy. There are many:

  • Para conseguir las demás virtudes, se necesita repetir actos: constancia.
  • To gain all the other virtues you need to repeat them again and again: constancy.
  • Professional success also requires constancy as do sports ones. Some work or family situations also require large amounts of patience during years.
  • In your spiritual life, you also need constancy as you can’t achieve Holiness with just a single energetic push but with effort. That is precisely why the Bible says: “Do not get tired of doing good” (II Tes 3, 13).
5. Do we always have to finish what we have started? Not always. Sometimes you find yourself going down the wrong path and in that case the most prudent thing to either turn back or change task.

6. Is constancy linked with loyalty? Loyalty consists in doing what you promised to do. Indeed, for this too, you need to have constancy if depending on the length of your commitment.

7. How do you put constancy into practice? There are many ways of putting it into practice:

  • Finish-off a puzzle which you have started.
  • To do the whole hike rather than stop half way (unless it’s imprudent to do so).
  • Finish-off chores or work.
  • To not start playing until you have done all your homework.