id Future Destiny: quick ideas about destiny. Is it possible to guess the future? Examples of the future that we already know.
destino (esp) destino (por) destino (it) destinée
1. Can we guess the future? Based on experience we could say that we can predict some things that will occur. The assurance of success depends on the strong or weak link between the present causes and the future effects. That is exactly how meteorological predictions are made: they study the current weather taking into account the past and then reach conclusions that are more or less accurate about the future.

2. Is the future guessed through card-tarots, horoscopes-astrology, palmistry, etc.? No, no. They simply allow the human imagination to be distracted whilst making up fables according to other peoples’ words, gestures or drawings who at the same time do not know the future either. (And who receive money from the entertainment they give). Something similar occurs with spiritism with the additional danger of inviting the devil to take part.

3. How can we be sure that those people do not guess the future? If they really did predict the future they would make money by buying the lottery and so they wouldn’t need a wage.

4. Can angels and saints guess the future? Even though their predictions may be more accurate than ours due to their greater intelligence and more facts. However, only God knows the future, who is eternal.

5. Can God communicate the future to us? The Bible offers many prophecies where God announces the future. Those forecasts are usually linked with a call to struggle and to conversion. The Lord gives us what we need when its most convenient.

6. Some examples of the future that we already know? We know that we are going to die and we will be judged by God. We know that those who act badly will be punished (hell), however, those that do good will be prized with Heaven in the future, as well as happiness here on Earth.

7. What would happen if we knew exactly what waited for us in the future? Apart from calming our curiosity the main consequence would be to stop struggling. Why struggle if whatever I do I already know what’s going to happen to me? That’s why, the Lord Our God prefers not to announce the future.

8. If God knows what we are going to do, are we free? God knows what we will freely decide to do, however, this divine vision does not decrease our freedom. For example, if someone watches a playback of a football match, he knows the outcome and what the players will do. (In God’s case, the match hasn’t been played yet, but is being played live). Another example, the Lord knows the result of this week’s lottery, however, the draw is real and there aren’t any traps. It’s just a matter of making decisions that are pleasing to God and so direct our life towards the best destination: Heaven.

9. Is there any human way of predicting the future? There’s an intriguing way of learning something of the future. It consists in possessing and practising the virtue of loyalty. This virtue is the habit of carrying out the commitments you undertook. Consequently, if a loyal person commits himself to do something, he can partly guess the future as he can be sure he is going to fulfil the future. For example, he who commits himself of looking after a garden from 5pm to 7pm on a specific month, knows quite well what he is going to do for two hours a day. Fascinating, right?