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Infancy and youth

1902 . . . On January 9 Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer is born in Barbastro (Spain).

1914 . . . Economic ruin of the Escrivá family. Soon they move to Logroño, where his father has found employment with which to support the family.

1917 . . . In the last days of the year the footprints in the snow of a Carmelite monk fosters his love of God. Saint Josemaría Escrivá decides to become a priest. On the following year he finishes his civil studies and begins the ecclesiastic ones in the Seminary of Logroño.


1920 . . . Saint Josemaría Escrivá attends the Seminary of Saragossa to complete the priestly studies, together with his Law studies.

1925 . . . On March 28 Saint Josemaría is ordained priest, and sent to the small town of Perdiguera; then to the chaplaincy of Saint Peter Nolasco, and to the parish of Fombuena. At the same time he teaches at the University to support his family, since his father died months before the ordination.

1927 . . . Saint Josemaría Escrivá moves to Madrid to get his doctorate in Civil Law. There he is nominated chaplain of the "Patronato de Enfermos"; and to help the order of Agustinas Recoletas.

Founder of Opus Dei

1928 . . . On October 2, in Madrid, God our Lord showed Opus Dei to Saint Josemaría Escrivá. From now on his history becomes parallel with that of Opus Dei.

1936 . . . Serious dangers of being killed during the Spanish civil war. After the war, economic difficulties and calumnies and lack of understanding arise around him.

1939 . . . He publishes "The Way". Many Bishops invite him to preach spiritual retreats to the clergy of their dioceses. At the same time, he fosters the expansion of Opus Dei throughout Spain.

1946 . . . Saint Josemaría Escrivá moves to Rome, where he obtains the pontifical approval for Opus Dei. He is nominated domestic Prelate of the Pope. And he will be Consultant for two Vatican Congregations and member of the Pontifical Academy of Theology.

1954 . . . Saint Josemaría Escrivá miraculously recovers from the serious diabetes which he suffered for ten years. He continues pushing the development of Opus Dei around the world.

Last years

1967 . . . He publishes "Conversations with Mons. Escrivá of Balaguer". Years later he will publish a book of homilies, "Christ is passing by".

1970 . . . Saint Josemaría Escrivá prays Our Lady in a number of European Shrines, and in Mexico. He prays for the Church, the Pope and Opus Dei.

1972 . . . He travels around Spain and Portugal doing a catechesis. Later on he will do the same thing in South America.

1975 . . . On June 26 Saint Josemaría dies. Great number of bishops asked the Pope to start his cause of canonization.

2002 . . . On October 6, John Paul II declares him a saint.


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