id The faith: quick ideas about faith. Is it reasonable to believe? Human faith, supernatural faith. How to know if it is God who speaks?
fe(por) fede(it) foi(fr) fe(esp)
1. What is human faith? The act or habit of accepting as true what a man says, based on his words. It is the most common way of knowing things. Thus we accept that there was Napoleon, there is Everest and a can of peaches contains peach. We trust what they say.

2. What is supernatural faith? The act or habit of accepting as true what God says, based on his word.

3. Is it reasonable to believe? Human faith is reasonable if the speaker is sincere and knowledgeable in the matter. Supernatural faith is reasonable if it is God who speaks.

4. How to know if it is God who speaks? The Lord is clearly understood and people used to listen to him do not need special signals. Other times emphasizes his words by miracles that reveal his divine power.

5. Is not smarter, who admits only what he verifies That may be acceptable in some circumstance or field of research, but generally not a good approach because it would underestimate the intelligence and sincerity of others.

6. To believe in God, Do we have to see miracles? No; not necessary. Even if you see miracles, can reject the faith as did the Pharisees in Jesus' time. Miracles do not work if there is evil will.

7. How is it reasonable to believe if they are not miracles to see? Just trust the sincere and sensible people who have seen them. For example, we know that Jesus Christ is God for the abundant information we have of his life (life of Christ), his words and his miracles.

8. How do we know that Jesus did these miracles? For the historical record. So we know that Columbus was a navigator and that Mozart played the piano. With the addition that the testimony about Jesus are especially abundant and well preserved (Gospels).

9. The two aspects of faith.- In acts of faith are two facets:

  • We believe that the divine sentences are true because they come from Him.
  • And we accept that those words come from God trusting of other men who have seen the miracles that the Lord accompanies its manifestations when he wants to make it clear that he is speaking.
That is, the Lord speaks to men with palpable miracles and those men transmit divine words and deeds. We trust them and accept their words as coming from God, and then we trust God and believe these revelations as true. On the other hand, the Lord often intervene occasionally to remark that it was He who spoke. For example, the miracles of Fatima and Guadalupe confirm the truth of the apparitions of Mary. Similarly, the miracle of Lanciano confirms the truth of the Eucharist, and so on.

10. What can do, who wants to believe? You can do several things:

  • The main thing is to pray humbly to God for help. Pray.
  • It will also be very convenient the help of others with a life in faith.
  • An important step will be confess, because sins make it difficult to reach God.
  • Another interesting aid can come from reading some books. For example, biographies of saints have changed many lives.