id Heaven: quick ideas about Heaven. What prizes will we receive in Heaven? Shortcuts to reach Heaven. Should we desire it?
cielo céu paradiso ciel(fr)
  • A. What is Heaven like?
  • B. How does one reach heaven?

1. What is Heaven? We call Heaven the state of happiness which those that die in a state of God’s grace are in. It is the verdict of prize in the Divine judgement. It is the situation of absolute enjoyment without pains or grief that is received by those who attain Holiness and present themselves before God with a soul that is clean, radiant, adorned with virtue and good deeds.

2. What prizes are there in Heaven? Heaven in itself is an eternal prize. No one can neither want to in fact sin there. Only good is loved. Those pleasures in heaven last forever, they never finish. They are usually grouped into two:

  • The Vision of God. This is the main prize: the union with God, the intimacy with the Lord which is the supreme Good and the origin of all other goods and joys. And as God is infinite, the joy in Heaven is always increasing.
  • Complete Happiness. All good desires are fulfilled and satisfied. With the Angels and Saints as well as Our Lady.
3. Why is it so difficult to imagine the great happiness in Heaven? This is because the greatest joy in Heaven is spiritual, and in this life, there is a tendency to search for happiness in material things. Due to this we lose the ability to understand or captivate spiritual goods and their superior value.

4. Are there different joys in Heaven? Yes. Those that are Holier here on earth will enjoy a more complete Happiness in Heaven. The usual example that is given is that of the containers. Imagine there are several different containers of different sizes: a glass, a bottle, a jar and a barrel. If we fill them up, but they will all be filled-up but each according to their capacity. In Heaven, we will be completely happy but each in accordance with their capacity and size of heart.

5. Will we still love our loved-ones in Heaven? All those people that are in Heaven with us will be our loved-ones, especially those that we know love and also those that did good for us. That good and all others will be shown to us in Heaven.


6. Is Heaven an auto-prize? In some sense, it is as each one reaches it with their own merits and good deeds. However, it is more of a fruit of the love of God. That love which he has given for free. No one can take oneself to Heaven but rather it is the Lord who takes us.

7. What path takes us to Heaven? Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us the way of life that will lead us to Heaven. We just need to put into practice His teachings. To achieve it, it is essential to count with the help of the Sacraments and Prayer.

8. Advice and shortcuts to go to Heaven? To advance quickly towards Heaven we need to:

  • Regular review of the Teachings of Christ (Christian doctrine).
  • Frequent Confession.
  • Devotion to Our Lady the Holy Virgin Mary.

9. Is it useful to desire Heaven? It is extremely convenient to desire Heaven as to foment Hope to see God. As well as desiring it, we should try and take some steps towards Heaven, although the journey is quicker if you where you are trying to go.

10. Is desiring Heaven not selfishness? Selfishness is an exaggerated self for oneself that goes without others. On the other hand, the desire to go to Heaven is a correct self-love (the best) and does not forget about others as the way to Heaven includes Charity, love for God, service, apostolic zeal, etc.