id Joy: quick ideas for joy. What is joy? Types of joy. Means to be happy. More or less firm foundations for joy.
alegria(por) joie(fr) alegría(esp)
  • A. The joy and their types.
  • B. The joy and their types.

1. What is joy? Joy as a virtue is the habit of keeping the happy mood, regardless of external circumstances. But there are other ways of joy.

2. Types of Joy?

  • Fake Joy. Linked with harmful pleasures. For example, sometimes called cheerful life a party behavior, full of alcohol, sex and drugs. It is a sad life although it is full of energy, pleasure and giggles. Let us call things by their name: debauchery, drunkenness, and tastes satisfied are what these words indicate, and have little to do with the joy.
  • Superficial Joy .- Is the case of one who laughs at everything and nothing matters. Not aware of the difficulties and doesn´t want to know anything about problems. Everything Happens, one might say, or close his eyes to reality to keep laughing. You may not need of parties and outwardly seem happy, but lacks of content.
  • Sentimental Joy.- Is to be or feel satisfied. Occurs when one is well, things happens as they thought, the victory comes, and the weather is pleasant. He says I'm fine, I'm happy. We want to be so, but notice that something is missing, we see that this joy is transient. We welcome the success and good feelings, but more interesting is the virtue of joy, but seek not only feel happy but being happy.
  • Joy-virtue.- It is the habit of keeping the happy mood, regardless of external circumstances. This quality is not subject to alcohol or feelings but an inner attitude that comes with repetition of acts like all the qualities.
3. Acts of joy? They are acts of self-will to choose to keep the good spirit even when things are not going well. This is not a voluntarist attitude, but rather the real joy has a real basis. It is an act of will based on facts. To the extent that these events are great and lasting joy will be strong and deep.


1. Weak foundation of joy? Happiness can be based on job success, money, health, comfort, social success, and so on. But in these cases, the content is somewhat unstable because there will depend on good news in these matters, because materials are inherently perishable. Thus, when joy is based on earthly things, there are plenty of chances that come down.

2. More stable foundations for joy? To achieve a more stable joy, we must look towards the soul, which is the enduring part of man. In this sense, the acquisition of spiritual or good qualities, benefit the soul and are a stronger basis for joy.

3. Even stronger fundamentals for joy? However, if everything is based on our own forces, it is easy to sway the building and noticed lack of strength as we experience our weakness. So we should find a more secure foundation for our joy. This stabler base is in supernatural goods and divine forces, and doesn't fail. Hence those who stand out for their stronger joy are the saints.

4. The best foundation for joy? The safer foundations for true happiness are: divine filiation, the love of God and the motherhood of Mary. These great divine goods are not altered by external circumstances and serve to keep the joy in every situation. Whatever the difficulty, one remains a child of God and Mary and the Lord still loves us.

5. And the sins? Because get us away from God, we may think that the base of the joy is shaky. Then, to the above goods must be added: the divine mercy, and confession. Thus, although there are sins in our life, the joy is not lost as the rediscovery of God is within our reach. The Lord love me, and love is merciful. This is a firm foundation to be happy, so for a Christian the false and unreal is unhappiness.

6. Supernatural means to improve happiness?

  • Prayer is a great way to restore joy, especially meditation on the great divine goods that are the basis of profound joy, divine filiation and Marian devotion, the Lord's mercy, and so on. It will also help the petition's prayer which goes to the divine aid and protection.
  • The confession .- Produces immediate joy. It's been proven. Retrieving the union with God, the soul rejoices.

7. Human means to be happy?

  • Exercising will in this direction.
  • Striving to smile sincerely. It is an outward act, but it helps to make the internal elevate mood.
  • Active mortification, one is looking for. Small wins help keep you happy. Also offering to God the passive suffering may help, but this requires more supernatural vision.
  • Service to others, because this forget of ourselfs, free us of many worries, and give sincere to others is so effective, that God rewards with a joyful humility.
  • Some rudimentary means to be happy: getting enough sleep, a hot shower, a glass of wine - if its a good wine one may say- a pleasant reading, walking, hiking or sports, a friendly conversation, and so on.

8. Partying produce joy? Only superficial and momentary joy. This allows it to be confused with true joy. The joy of the fun fades quickly and repeat calls for revelry. Something similar happens with drugs.