id Kindness: quick ideas about kindness. What is kindness? Difficulties and help to exercise kindness.
amabilité(fr) amabilidad(esp)

1. What is Kindness? Kindness is a habit or quality of pleasant and delicately treat others.

2. Kindness and sociability match? They resemble, but sociability refers to live well in society, while kindness is more general and refers to treat well all, living side by side with them or not.

3. Kindness is equivalent to refinement? Not always. The refinement is sometimes worse than rudeness. True kindness comes from within, is not only an external mask. Sometimes out there is courtesy and avoid outbursts, swearing and shouting. But at the same time captures the overlapping falsehood and contempt. You do not hear a word higher than another, but the soft phrases can be more hurtful, with authentic psychic attacks. This falsehood makes that friendly appearance be repellent.

4. Any secret to kindness? The secret to exercise kindness, is love real people. Kindness is a matter of affection, love others. Only then will pass the deal delicately polite. No lies, because you really appreciate them.

5. And any particular difficulty? Kindness has an added difficulty: partly dependent on others. If you live in an atmosphere of charity, will be easier to treat people well because there is a greater inclination to love them. But if you live in a hostile environment, the natural tendency is to respond forcefully to aggression, or at least getting away, although is only by instinct of survival. In these cases, the way of courtesy and delicacy is harder but has to be maintain. Kindness will be planted to collect the same result although the harvest looks away. Where there is no love, put love and draw love.

6. Anything that helps to be kind? We treat others politely because we want their good, and because the Lord loves them. We would like to turn such a deal, but we are not welcoming, that they love us back. We want to be nice, though others do not cultivate this virtue.

7. Kindness and strength oppose? They are not opposed, but sometimes is not easy to bring strength and kindness. For example, by denying children or boyfriend on a whim. Ideally, keep firm the negative, but express it with words that hurt the least. Not easy at times. Here applies the known resource of be strongly to error and understanding with people, living the truth with charity.

8. How to exercise kindness? It is a matter of practicing charity to treat people, seeking to make life pleasant at times that coincide with them. For example, try to smile, sensing their tastes, anticipate serving, allow to choose the best, and so on.