id I like: quick ideas about likes. Why is wrong, if I like? What to do when i dont like reasonably?
apetece(por) j'en ai envie apetece(esp)
1. Why is wrong, if I like? Because not everything i like is good. With the natural inclination to do good, we have a hard inclination to evil. With this natural inclination to good, we have a hard inclination to bad that we have to fight. This trend to the evil began with the original sin.

2. What is the original sin? The one that committed Adan and Eve has been the sourve of the resto of sins. When they disobeyed God, human nature was hit hard. Were deprived of friendship and intimacy with God, paradise lost and they became subject to pain and death. It also appeared the evil inclination. And this situation have inherited all men. Therefore, to do well you have to work hard.

3. Do not say that baptism removes original sin? Thereby recovering main thing: friendship and divine sonship and the possibility of heaven. But the pain and the tendency to evil remain. This is no small recoveries, especially when you consider that cost the Cross of Christ.

4. Is it good to pray only when I feel like? Delete the word "only". An ordinary person likes to work when and when not, is concerned about his family when he was excited and when not, etc. There should also be time for God when feel like as not, because do not always feel like it.

5. What to do when not want reasonable? The opposition between reason -conscience- and desires creates an internal stress due to the difficulty is found to be consistent. The correct answer is to opt for good even if it costs. But not always find this way, as there are several possibilities:

  • I do what I like though is wrong. (It is an error).
  • I make reasonable but not alike. (That's right, but it costs).
  • I try to fool me by changing what is reasonable. (It is an error). This includes the case of one who does not think or listen, not listen to reason, it is said.
  • Try changing tastes, to be reasonable. (Is correct).
6. How to change tastes and likes? Making reasonable, with a good face. When you do good, easily acquired to repeat it. In doing so with inner joy (happy face) becomes more tasty (pleasures). And perseverance makes the new inclination to take root in the soul. On this, the issue may be feelings.

7. Always, reasonably is good? Human intelligence can also be wrong. It is therefore important to seek advice and listening. However, to say "reasonably" assume a correct thought, as if it were false would not be called reasonable.