id Old Testament: quick ideas about the Old Testament. History of the Catholic religion before Jesus Christ.
antigo testamento(por) antico testamento ancien testament antiguo testamento(esp)
the Catholic Religion before Christ
  • A. The beginning.
  • B. After Moses.
Before Christ, the history of catholic religión match with de Jewish people, and is in the books of the Bible, which form the Old Testament.


1. Before the world? Before the World just exist God. A unique God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, live happy forever. And there were nothing else, not Stars, not planets, not animals, not even angels. Nothing else. What did the three divine persons do? We can say their eternal activity was meet and love each other. Exchange ideas and affection.

2. How the World begins? In the beginning God created heaven and earth. The Bible tells the creation in six periods called days (a way to explain it, that nothing oppose to the big bang). The seventh day God ceased to create, and later the Lord intend this day to be consecrated and dedicated to him.

3. What was created first? Probably God first created the angels who are spiritual beings with intelligence and will very perfect. With his powerful understanding, know the truth with agility and precision. With his strong will, make decisions and fulfilled without fail.

4. Testing of the angels.- In his goodness, God was not satisfied with the gifts thatwere given. He wanted the angels partakers of the divine and find place in the divine family. And the Lord decided that this great treasure is not mandatory but itwon on its merits in part by passing a test. Then:

  • Many of these spirits remained faithful to God and were rewarded with eternal happiness of heaven. They are the angels.
  • But many others rejected God. They despised the divine love, preferring his own pride, the pride of being independent of the Lord, as if they were creatures.Consequently they were alienated from God and so did the hell. They are demons.
5. And the men? God created man in His image and likeness infusing an immortal soul. The first man called Adam and God placed him in a delightful place: the earthly paradise.Then created woman, Eve. Moreover, the Lord gave them a share in the divine life and grace. The man did not suffer, nor had diseases or die. He was in harmony with himself, with the Creator, between man and woman, and with creation.

6. The test of the man.- As in the case of the angels, the Lord also wanted the man to accept God's lovefreely and earn Heaven. The devil, envious of his happiness, tempted them, and the man became suspicious of their Creator, as God wanted to be independent of Him and disobeyed the Lord. So Adam and Eve lost for themselves and their descendants, initially grace holiness, and other gifts. Human nature, without being corrupted, was wounded in their forces, subject to ignorance, suffering and death,and inclined to sin. So to do well you have to work overcoming the evil inclination. This situation in which everyone is born is called original sin.

7. Promise of a Savior.- Adam and Eve were separated from God and expelled from paradise, but God did not forsake men but promised a Savior (Messiah), which will re-open the gates of heaven. Then the Lord repeated this promise to the Patriarchs and Prophets.

8. The Patriarchs? They were characters, leading their family highlighted for their faithfulness to God, conveying his promise, and fulfilling the divine will. Stands Abraham and his grandson Jacob, later called Israel. Their descendants are the people of Jacob and of Israel.God promised Abraham to make him head of a great people, and that from their offspring would be born the Messiah.

9. Moses.- Jacob and his family moved to Egypt, where they multiplied into a large town.Among his descendants is Moses, chosen by the Lord to brought Israel out of Egypt and took them to the land of Canaan, as God promised to Abraham. The Lord led his people through the desert with several miracles, as the passage of the Red Sea and the manna. He introduced himself to Moses on Mount Sinai and gave him the Ten Commandments, establishing a covenant with the Israelites. They will be His people and He will be their God. With Moses, the Israelites are aware of people.


1. Judges and Kings.- The people of Israel was not always faithful to the Lord. It happened then that were dominated by their enemies, until they came back repentant to God that helped them through good leaders called judges like Samuel. Then, they were ruled by kings, first Saul, then David and Solomon. David was beloved of the Lord.

2. Division and Captivity.- After, the kingdom was divided into two: Israel (ten tribes) and Judah (two tribes).There were ups and downs of faithfulness to God, but rather spread the bad behavior and idolatry. Then the Lord allowed them to be defeated and deported.

3. Prophets.- In recent years, the Lord chose from time to time some prophets and sent them to speak on his part to people and remember their duties. For example, Elijah and Elisha did many miracles. Among the prophecies, highlights the ones that allude to the future Messiah, as some of Isaiah and Psalms of David.

4. After the exile.- They returned to Jerusalem, rebuilt the Temple, and attempted to be faithful to God waiting for the Savior. Some foreign kings tried to impose idolatry, and there were some episodes of fidelity to the Lord. The Maccabees brothers managed to defend the people of these interference.

5. Roman Empire.- Then the Romans came and took control of the area, respecting religious customs.Then came the time Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
(Continued on: Life of Christ).