id The christian truths: quick ideas on Christian truths. What we know about God, the man, the world?
1. What do we know about God? We know that God is a Spiritual being, good, almighty and everlasting… He sees everything, knows everything… He rewards the good and punishes the evil. Besides, as Christians, we know that we are children of God and we say the “Our Father…” in prayer.

2. Is there just one God? Yes, just one. And in God there are three different persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This “Trinity” of people is in truth one single God.

3. What do we know about the World? We know that the universe has been created by God and that He cares for it. He does not wish any evil in the world; but He permits some evil in exchange for a greater good. That’s the reason for the existence of evil: it brings forth greater benefits.

4. What about Angels? God has created angels in addition to material creatures. Everyone has a guardian angel who protects him or her. Some angels didn’t want to serve God and turned against Him. We call them demons and they are evil.

5. What do we know about man? We know that man is a spiritual and bodily being. God has created it to be happy with Him in heaven after having done the good deeds on earth.

6. Gifts.- God created the first couple. He willed them to enjoy special gifts, like immortality. Above all He gave them the grace, which lifts their human nature, thus sharing with him His divine nature. But Adam and Eve, tempted by the devil, disobeyed the commandment of the Lord; and they wasted the gifts they were enjoying.

7. Original Sin.- As a consequence of the above, we inherited this situation. We are born away from God in a situation we call original sin. From then on an evil tendency has appeared in the human heart in such a way that acting rightly demands effort. Along with this sin, death and evil sneaked into the world.

8. Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity who became man to save us from that situation. Jesus Christ is perfect God and perfect man. He was born to Holy Mary through the work of the Holy Spirit (a miraculous birth, indeed).

9. What miracles were there at the birth of Christ? Joseph, Mary’s spouse, was warned about the circumstances by an angel. Mary gave birth having nothing to do with a man (easy task for the Creator of Adam and Eve). Some angels spread the news to the shepherds; and a star broke the news to the Magi. However, the most powerful divine action was to join in one person the natures of God and man together.

10. What do we know about Jesus Christ’s life? He lived for thirty years in Nazareth, working in Joseph’s workshop. Afterwards he preached in Israel for three years. He showed his divinity through great miracles, which supported His words. He died on the cross accepting this suffering out of love for us.

11. What happened after he died? He resurrected three days after he died. He appeared to hundreds of disciples. He commissioned them to teach his doctrine spreading it all over the world. This apostolic task is the great mission that the Church and every Christian. Those twelve apostles chosen by Christ started this mission.

12. What are the Gospels? They are four books of the Bible, written when some of the first apostles and early Disciples of Christ were still alive. They approved these books. They tell Jesus’ life and his main teachings. Due to their high historical value, they are the best document to study the life of Our Lord. God himself guided the writers to narrate well what happened.

13. Who is the Virgin Mary? She is the mother of God. It was she who gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is perfect God. God bestowed in His mother many gifts; for instance she was conceived and was born without original sin. This means that she never committed any sin in her whole life. She is Immaculate. She is also our mother since the grace of God turns us into children of God. In this way we identify ourselves with Christ.

14. Who is part of the Church? The Church integrates all the baptized and is led by the Pope. He represents Christ as Saint Peter’s successor. Peter was the apostle chosen by Jesus to lead the Church. The Pope continues his mission with the help of the Holy Spirit. God himself cares dearly for the Church He founded.

15. What unites Christians? Christians are part of the mystical body of Christ, who is the Head. The Holy Spirit dwells within the people who live in state of Grace (that is to say, without mortal sins). He would be like the soul that gives life to the body. Its members share in the same spiritual gifts –we call it the Communion of Saints- but above all in the merits of Jesus Christ.

16. Can you give an example of this union with Christ? In the Mass, Jesus Christ offers to God the Father the sacrifice of His life, sacrificed in the Cross. Christians may benefit from this offering while in union with Christ.

17. How about an example of union of Christians among themselves? This link is extended to the saints in heaven and the blessed souls in Purgatory. Everyone tries to help one another. It is important to pray for the souls in Purgatory.

18. What happens after dying? After passing away we will be judged by God. The sentence of this judgement can only be done according to one of these three possibilities:

  • those dying in state of grace will unite with God eternally in Heaven. They will enjoy the topmost happiness having no contact with evil in anyway.
  • those who die in mortal sin will suffer eternal sufferings in Hell.
  • those who die in state of grace go to the Purgatory if their soul is not sufficiently clean to be in Heaven. In Purgatory there are great sufferings mixed with the hope that after all these sufferings they will see God.